Will the carb fit in the frame? Do I need a quicktwist throttle to go full gas?


I'm considering buying a Keihin PWK and mount it on a Scootrs manifold to my PX, can anyone tell me if it will fit under the hood? I suppose I'll have to inclinate a little the carb, and will it work properly that way?


2ºQ: for a 28mm carb, do I need a throtlle roll like the ones SeriePro has to be able to completly open the slide?



Thanks for your answer! Precise and clear!

Helped a lot.






I have a pwk on my px200 with the scootrs manifold, I had no problem installing it. Yes, it has to  be a little bit inclined but it works fine.

After lot of problems with petrol starvation, I realised how important is to adjust the float heigh in these carburettors!!! 19 mm, I think, but check it (in scootrs web there are instructions).

I also installed a throttle roll serie pro Art.Nr. 13979900. This is not necessary, you can cut a little bit the stop of the original plastic trottle roll in order to have the slide completely open, but this serie pro roll is faster.

Hope this helps.