Will Sip's rev counter fix PX? or only P80-150x?



I'm wondering if this speedo/rev counter: http://www.sip-scootershop.com/EN/Products/50000500/Rev+counter+Speedometer+Vespa+P80150XPX80200+EP200E+.aspx

will fit the PX125E headset cover or do I have to buy a P125X style headset cover to fit it in?

I believe the speedo's diameter is diferent for the two models...





Hi dude



The only difference between the px speedos is the first series PX and the PX Lusso / Arcobaleno / MY 98



If you got this speedo it will fit




If you got this speedo it will not fit because the diameter is different !



The only thing you can do is to convert your Lusso handlebar cover in a PX old one.