Will Gearing shaft LML PX80-200E art.88101000 fitt P200/rally

will the 88101000 shaft fitt the P200/ 200Rally "old PX" enginecasing?



Thanx, I'am rebuilding the gearbox of a P200 78"

wich selektorbox do I need for the LML gearingshaft? the 87049000?

Do you think I can run the new gearingshaft on the old gearcluster without problems ? it looks O.K. but it has run 38000km



Malossi 210

racing crank


short 4e gear (old PX so i need a new model)

23/65 Malossi gearing

Polini Exh.

thxs, for the info,...


Hey dude


This shaft will fit perfectly.




Hi dude



If the cluster looks and feels good regarding the dents and the contact surface, you can use it.


The gearing shaft that you told me is the right one because you are using a LML shaft thats the same like the Lusso shaft.