Will a Malossi 210 longstroke work properly with rotary intake?

some claim, that a longstroke engine will only work properly with a reedvalve intake due to risk of short circuit ports.

a reed valve intake will be more easy to set up the engine and to finetune it.

Still there are rotary valve longstroke cranks  for sale, the big question is, is this true?

Can a Malossi 210 with a longstroke 60mm MECeur crank, MMW head with 2,5mm squisband work properly with a standaard rotary valve intake?



it will work properly if the porting time is macth with the 60mm stroke, and its better when you use a reedvalve... all i do for make it better is grinding it..

this some cranks i've done for std cranks:







Hello I'am not running a black 221 setup, I have a 210 malossi with 60mm crank with 1,5mm head compansation and std. timing.

The black has a fast racing timing, real hardcore stuff with matching carb. exhaust etc. needed

What do yoy mean with "board" ?

you can take all longstroke crank you want, then work o your valve timing.

but..your valve is original?

take a look at the new pinasco crank, they look great!



Hello Heggie, better late than never[:D]

I have build my 221 Malossi engine with 60mm Meceur crank, 24/24 Si, MMw head with 2,5mm Squis, Sip Road, T5 4th

the Engine is running smoothly, a lot more torque in lower RPM, ideal for touring but after 6000 rpm no more power due to the 1,5mm head gasket, My feeling is that a bigger carb. will give more power

 a very good touring engine butt max speed will suffer with the 1,5mm base gasket, maybe a Sip performance will give a little more power in the higher rev range

I'm looking to get a bigger carb. on the setup, a lighter flywheel and a 24/65 Transmission to get it just right.



part # 45023000  looks like it's a modified MEC EUR crank with longer timing. and, the item description says it's for rotary valve. the timing doesn't look as long as the pinasco or the mazzu. i don't know what the timing is, but it looks longer then a stock MEC EUR. i can't say for sure, but if your not building a race engine (just a cruiser with more power.) it might be alright. the photos look like the timing is pretty close to the pinasco, doesn't it? let us know if you get a definate answer on what the timing is for #45023000.

and let me know what you come up with... i'm in the same position as you - i don't have the time or equipment to cut a crank. (and don't have the confidence or experience to do it right.) and let me say, in my search for a long stroke crankset... more then a couple of people have told me that long strokes are less durable/reliable then regular stroke and not really worth the minimal performance gained. plus, there are plenty of 57mm race ( already altered timing) cranksets. so, i'm not really sure if i should go reg.(57) or long(60).

keep me updated. thanks, and later..

richard, good to hear from you...

glad the set up is running smooth. what kind of top speed are you getting with the set up?

as for top speed gearing, you should look into a 24/63 kit. (not sure if they make a 24/65 kit. and not sure if a 24 tooth clutch will match up with the 65 tooth. switching back to the stock p200 4th gear should also give you a touch higher top speed.

also, are you running premix or oil injection? (it's been a while i can't remember.) if you're running oil injection i think a T5 26/26 is as big as you can go and still keep the oil injection. you can also google "hot rod al" or "hotrodscooters" and check into vortex carbs... i've read alot of good things about better carb performance with a vortexed carb and you can keep the oil injection. he can do it with a 24/24 or a 26/26 carb. check it out.

from what i've read lightened flywheels will accelerate faster but don't hold your speed as well... so check into it. too light might not be the way to go.

keep me up to date. thanks, heggie

hello Heggie;  I am exploring a longer gearing ratio, I am running a Cosa clutch so my opsition are limmited to the expensive Worb5 24/64.  I can rip 3e gear over the 6000 rpm, when I change to 4th the 6000 rpm and over is a bit of a struggle. Speed with 6000 rpm is around 105km/h in 4th. there is a dip in power in this RPM range (that said a good carb. setup/ main jet is not yet achieved) After the dip the engine revs on and the topspeed is building slowly butt progressive. I am still running in but I have got the speed up to a 115km/h. The longer 4th gear has come to mind.

I am running premix. The feeling is a bigger carb. in combination with a lighter flywheel and longer transmission will give a beter power to gear ratio. The question than remains is, can I modify the inlet timing of the crank with for example a 30mm Dellorto. Currently I have a inlet of 110 B-TDC and 55 A-TDC. I know 60mm engine setups with 1,5mm head comp. with a 110/ 75 inlet. Butt not with 24Si carbs and that my friend was the whole purpose of this thread in the first time!?

Overall, the engine setup gives a lot of torque and the feeling is there's more power to discover.

I will look in to the vortex carbs. thanx


Hello, I see that you have purchased the malossi 221 black. Can can please you can tell me this cylinder mounting?, boards that brings the cylinder are that you must install, or to buy a Board of 1 mm apart?, thanks and hope notices yours, because not is if the Board of copper to install, and rubber nor... a mess.
Steps to follow for the erection of this cylinder with 60 mm rod, please explanation as for a rookie.

Thank you very much!

you need to work on the rotary valve.

standard valve it's too short and longstroke malossi 210 works fine on 178-190°

hello Luca, based on your reply, the Meceur 60mm crank is not on option. The Meceur 60mm has a standaard valve timing.

do you or  anyone else knows the valve timimg of a serie pro lip crank based on a Meceur? art.nr 45023000

Hello Luca, I want to buy a crank with the right timing, dont have the time or equipment to cut a crank.

Nice crank, looks like the 60mm Serie pro lip crank,  to bad the Pinasco crank is not in stock bij Sip.

This one is a good option, dont know if the Pinasco is as good quality as the Meceur. 

I broke a Mazzu. dont want that horor again. Snaped the cluth hub right of with a Malossi 210, reed valve.

I'am rebuilding a new engine because of this.