wide wheels/tyres in a 150 sprint- px forks & px200 engine


I'm looking at fitting wide tyres 120/90-10 rear     100/80-10 front.

Is the best option to get the tubeless ally 3.00 rim and 2.5 rim?

i'm ok with cutting the swing arm down, but will the wheels be correctly inline and how should it handle?

I would like to buy every thing from sip in one go including the tyres, so any tyre reccomendations would also be good :0)


thanks, Paul



Sick man! That's the way, 120/90 tyre is the go! I been riding those for a while more grip floor clearance! Looks hot! Fork hell yeah chop the bastard:) raising the rear lowering the front. I add it on my oldi a Xl fork now having a 120 something tyre so same as rear cut fork half way weld it the old in the new one:) so fAr so good makes it look so different and just sick! Good luck