Wide Tyre Questions

Hi all. Thanks for any help you can give me with my first post - actually my second because I had posted this under "Classic Motoscooters" but now realise this section is more active (I don't know how to move the post).

I am customising a VBB into a street racer - P200, PK fork/discs etc... Hoping to go wide tyre (as wide as possible while still being affordable and sensible). Like the idea of tubeless. Have even ordered SIP Tubeless Wide Tyre Rims. 3.00-11" (Art.No. 83048000) for the rear and 2.50-11" (Art.No. 83058000) for the front. Using Jockey's Boxenstop Serie Pro Engine Mounts (Art.No. 17474200).
The rims are on backorder and have been for a while =(

I have a few questions about this setup, and if there is a 'better' setup.


I like the idea of maximising wheel diameter. Almost 12" without the $$$ conversion. But going 11" seems to severely limit tyre options. It seems the Heidenau K61 or K62 and the Meztler ME 7 Teen are the only options (130/70-11). No ContiTwists in 11". And it seems the Metzler doesn't come in 110/70-11" so that really only leaves the Heidenau tyres? Unless I go 10" on the front with 3.50-10" tyres. The SIP article for the 3.00-11" rims (Art.No. 83048000) states, "Because of its wider rim width we recommend the use of a 2.50-10“ SIP tubeless rim at the front." Are there any issues with the 2.50-11"? Will there be be issues with fitting a hugger on those 1.5cm radius bigger tyres? Perhaps the 2.50-10" rim is a better option on the front for these reasons?


I see the 10" SIP Tubeless Wide Tyre Rims have been discontinued (81048000)... Why was this? Seems I need to solve the problem at 11" if I want tubeless (which I do). I also note the catalogue hasn't been updated with the 11" version.


Any other comments or suggestions about this setup welcome. Thanks =)

The rear conversion seems to have worked. The 130/70-11 will be 14mm larger diameter that a 120/70-11. Doesn't seem like much but then it doesn't take much for something not to work! I think there is a very small offset left (as there should be) but it isn't obvious.

Unlike the front... I'll start a new thread on this to focus on that.

Thanks for your reply.

No answers yet? Anyone?

I think I solved one question... I think the 10" tubeless wide tyre rims were discontinued as there were issues getting tyres onto them (very difficult). Also the profile of the tyres on 11" rims is lower which should look and ride better?

So my new question is... other than the Heidenau K61 is there any tyre that comes in both 110/70-11 and 130/70-11? I have also discovered the Heidenau K61 in 110/70-11 on here (and almost every other online dealer) has a groove running along the centre. I have read that this can cause road tracking issues when on the front and there is a version without the groove for this reason... but cannot find anywhere to buy that. I have asked is SIP can supply the version without the groove but no answer.

Has anyone actually sorted a wide tyre setup using the SIP tubeless 11" rims? If so what tyres did you use? And of course any other advice/tips/tricks would be greatly appreciated.

Still waiting for the 2.50-11 rims to get back in stock... it's been a long wait.

Hello, as you have not seen a reply (yet), I'll chime in with what I am doing. I have the 3.00-11 wide SIP rim for the back and have used the K61 120/70-11 tyre. I was advised that 130 is OTT for gearing and clearance. For the front I have the 2.50-10 SIP rim and a K61 100/90-10 tyre. The reasons for the 10" front are that on an older Vespa (VBC in my case), the bigger the wheel and tyre, the more awkward and ugly it looks under the front fender. I'm not overly in love with the 10" look, but there's no way I'd want to go back to 8" wheels. When you put the 10" and 11" next to each other with this choice of tyres, the rear is only slightly taller, so the aesthetics are better in my opinion. I didn't want an obviously taller rear wheel & tyre.