Wide tires in Vespa Px

Good morning.

I'm a Spanish guy who is restoring a Vespa Px 200 of year 88.

I need new tires and new wheels (tubeless I want), but yesterday I saw that it´s posible to increase the width of the tire size.I want to put this tire


As I see on the page need a kit to modify the engine and others to fit the new wheel. Now my questions:

What tubeless wheel need for this measure? I can ride this tire also in the front or this tyre not changed? I need advice from people who have already done, I'm waiting to order. Thanks in advance


when you would drive a tire with dimension 120/70 tubeless in the back, you have some problems. You need a special  tubeless rim from SIP and you must shorten the engine on the right side (10mm). Than you must keep on distance the engine on the left side (10mm).

From SIP this set:  www.sip-scootershop.com/de/products/felge+sip+schlauchlos_81047000

And also you must change the front tire, because of the track missmatch. You need a tire with dimension 100/80.

I hope I can help you.