Wide Tire kit, swingarm and shocks

Hi there!

I am planning to mount a wide tire kit (2k) from Sip with 130/70/10 tire. Now I understand that with this kit you need to cut 10mm off the swingarm and add a spacer of 10mm on the other side. I have read on a few forums that to have the rear wheel exactly in the center you actually need to cut off 17mm and add that to the other side. Can anybody confirm this? Does anybody know if my bitubo in the back is still going to work OK if it is not haging strait anymore? will it brake at certain point? And finally, if I move my engine out 17mm will I still be able to put my engine cover on?


make sure top rubber mount on shock is new

Anyone know if you can fit a 130/90/10 tyre to the wide wheel kit or is that too wide.

havent cut 17mm off my engine that seems a bit extreme at this you will have to modify you side panel.as for bitubos i have this kit on my t5 with no hasles with a130/70 /10 tyre best to keep to the kit they sell hope this helps sean

If i remember right the middle number of a tyre rating is the percentage of the width to form the profile so; a 130-70-10 is 70% of 130 tall, whereas the 130-90-10 is 90% of the 130 tall, this is where different tyre profiles can be used to alter the gearing. The taller tyre may well be too tall and rub on the engine so you will be best using the 130-70-10.
But in reply to scoota dad’s question the 130-90-10 is the same width, or should be, as the 130-70-10, just the height difference may cause problems, so if you want to try it to see if it improves the gearing just check to see if it rubs on the engine case anywhere, be aware that tyres can expand upto 20mm depending on the tyre and speed, (depending on tyre size, I’d estimate no more than 10mm on a scooter) and can flex sideways under load, so the lower the profile the less flex, and expansion you get. You could remove metal where it rubs the engine but you would be weakening the swing arm which could be dangerous. Ade.

Thanks, I follow the kit’s instructions, and keep it to 10mm. Cheers

unsure of the cutting measurements but the bitubo will function fine. as per the panel fitment. I’ve seen one P2 in Rhyl this year that was done properly and the lad had widened is engine side panel (full length panel ) to get clearance. maybe thats why all the SIP demonstrators have trimmed sidpanels.

The top shocky mount has a rubber silent block fitted to it and this does accept a moderate amount of lateral movement.


130 70 10 is the bigest really other wise you risk rubing under load orspeed hope this helps sean