Wide Tire Kit - rim problems & cowl fitting

I installed the wide tire kit, problem is one of the rims looks bent and therefore is wobbling when I drive. Will SIP send me a new wide tire rim?

So how do I fit on my engine side cowl with the wide tire kit? Any tricks?

do you know if you can fit a zirri corsa / silent exhaust on a smallframe with a wide tyre kit?

Oh yeah, this is Ryan from Seattle, WA USA

i have done the same but the panel fit ,it did rub on the flywheel cowl and head cowling,i found the r/h engine mounting a bit soft so i replaced it with new one i did not cut the mounting on the outside but inserted it further in for more stability and trimmed off the metal tube at the inner end approx 3,0mm not 10,0mm.hope this helps.TOM PERRY UK.