wide rims

I would like to fit a wide rim kit to my px but dont like the idea of cutting my engine. Would it be possible to fit the special 100-80-10 rim that sip sell on the back without cutting the swingarm.[:bounce:] [:bounce:] [:drink:] [:dance2:] [:shock2:] [:shock2:] [:shock2:] [:shock2:] [:shock2:]

Cheers boys how come it rubbed after a while and not strait away i have bitubos will it still rub.[:angry:]

You could try the cosa rim, but you might still find that the tyre will rubb the clutch cover like t-watt says,if it does use it to make a wide tyre(large half of the cosa and the large half of the standerd rim) and cut the engine![:)]

I fitted a 100-90-10 on the back of my px using a sip rim and it did not rub on the clutch cover, but after a while it did rub on the rear shock but I think this was down to a dead shock so just be carefull.[:drink:]

only slightly to one side with that size tyre .any larger is why you have to cut 10 mm off one side of the engine and place it on the other side with the spacer included in the kit but you dont have to worry about this as this is to centralise the wheel when you fit atyre of130or120 /70/10 which i did .as for inner tubes ithink they tell you to use a continental it does say some where in the catologue thats they sent me any way ihope this helps. the book catologue exsplains it a lot better than me

Similar to your shock question. A new tyre would be quite stiff at first so won’t rub, but as it beds in and softens it will squash out more then rub, the tyre pressure may have gone down a little too.

Hi, is the rubber/mount piece, on the top, of the shock , broken or twisted, out of line? tyre on the right way?(sorry if sounds daft but! [:)]) 

what model?

fitting wide tire without spacers, it would rub on your clutch cover

i found under strain sebacs couldnt take the abuse since run to the shires last year i fitted bitubos and the problem has never appeared again .my mate has the same set up as well on his mk1 but he has a taffspeed up rated rear shock and he says its fine with a100/80/10 but it very close to the tyre but the chioce is yours the bitubos are the best part next to a disc ive ever bought for my mk1 t5 the ride quality is unbeatable hope this helps

I also bought a wide tyre kit and I am just waiting to the rim to be painted in the body color, and I will mount it. The thing taht bothers me is that I think the shock absorber will not be vertical anymore, but it will be slightly moved (1 cm I cuted ) to the right (if you are looking from the rear of the bike). Is it a problem?! How about fitting a 110 tyre on the front?! Will it rub on the fork or front absorber?
Thank you

or for a very cheap compromise - you get a slightly-wider-than-normal look by using the cosa 4/10 rims with standard tyres, conti tubes and a lot more air… seems to work fine with no rubbing, and with S1s look ok…but you can’t beat a full conversion (I agree - get the exp kit)

i fitted special rim and after a while it did rub .really if youre doing long journey you need to do the job properly . i ended up cutting the engine mounts and fitting the kit and if you change your mind at a later date you should be able to stick washer on other side of engine hope this helps .also the kit with the allen key type bolt is much better than the cheaper kits

Will the tyre sit centrally and not over to one side i think it should. Is it just a case of just buying the 100 rim and tyre or is anything else needed. Also what inertube should i use.

Ok cheers

Hi i hope you can elp i have standard wheel and tryes but the sebac rear suspension is topuching the tyre now, is the shock worn or is the tyre the problem thanks Clyde South Africa