why vespa???

Yes…why vespa??..I’m asking this question to myself since I bought my 93’model Px200e. I’m trying to love my vespa but I just can’t. I loved the design, it’s a classic, it had a history and I don’t think there is no another vehicle that has more fan clubs in world other than vespa…and before buying it, everybody told me this were very reliable machines (??)…But it’s been 2 months since I bought my vespa and I just can’t trust my bike. I’ve heard that someone is going for a world tour with a Px200 and I just couldn’t believe it. The rattle of the engine, not so smooth transmission (everytime I change the gears I feel something is going to break and skipping!!) although new clutch, new selector spider and etc. has been been put, oil leaks!! although new seals were installed…and my bike is in just 5500 km , one of the cleanest bike here in my city. Is this the way they are?? As I said I love the design…I mean they are just classic…esspecially the 60’s and 70’s…but I wish they had more smoother engines and transmissions.

I wonder what you guys feel with your vespa’s???


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Hi Gokce,
think I know wat you mean.The gear change on my new 200 is realy stiky,and the vibration of the engine seems a bit much.
Olso the finish isn’t good on my Vespa.
I would’nt change it for anything else though.
I love It for what it is,My own Vespa.
I’m going to get to know her inside out,
and know how to get the best from her,
going to have an good life with her.

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Dylan, if you read this I have one more question. [?[]

My vespa has an gear noise coming from transmission at low rpm’s (at crusing speeds). It does this in every gear. When I speed up (at higher rpm’s) it stops.
We didn’t notice anything at the gears when we installed new selector spider and clutch plates. Is this normal??

thanks in advance…

I think that’s the way it is Andy…I’ve done 1000km and it’s still going [:D]
I’ve seen other bikes and they are the same…
But now I have this annoying transmission noise at crusing speeds ( enough man!!!)…
I’ve written to sip about this but nobody seems to hear me…hellooo!!! anybody at sip… wanna send my engine to you if the shipping prices are ok.

is it a kind of humming sound you mention bodichi ??
this sound from my transmission is in certain rpm’s like when in 4’th gear going 40 km/h. When I speed up to 45 or slow down to 35 it stops.

By the way guys, I will post my vespa’s and the clubs pictures when they are developed. [H]

If the cylinder is nicasil or chrome lined and you have seized it, you may have damaged the lining of the barrel(not good). What happens is the alloy cylinder gets hot and creates „high“ spots in the bore which could be the cause of the vibration. If it is not alloy with nicasil lining it must be something else.

Not really a humming sound. Mine makes a metalic slapping sound at tickover and low revs with a slight change in sound when cluth is compressed but it disappears when i start moving.
Vespas are renowned for clunky and noisy gear change . After all cable operation is hardly cutting edge tech.

I took a ride with my bike today and the noise seems to be not as bad as it was although there is still some huming noise [:(] seems like there is something wrong with the drive shaft [:(]
this is not a cheap part either…my mechanic suggests me not to worry about this too much since it won’t make any problems…so I think I will live with this…

by the way is there much difference between a SAE30 engine oil and SAE30 transmission oil…There is no SAE30 transmission oil here in Turkey so I have to use engine oil with same viscosity as everybody does here…

It could be that you twisted the crank when it siezed before. I know its quite easy to do when engines have a heavy flywheel eg. Vespa and Lambretta.

hi again,

so my mechanic says it can be the main shaft…what I thought is if it is the drive shaft shouldn’t make the noise all the time…as I said this humming sound is in cartain rpm’s so can it be the bearings???
also back tire does whobble a little but I’not using the original rims so it seems that the rims or not perfect…


my technician here in istanbul is a man in his 50’s and been working with vespa’s maybe for almost 25 years…he does his best when I need his help…

in fact I don’t care about the noisy transmission or the rattle of the engine as long as there es no problem. But it just makes me feel like some day something is going to break down. Whe I ride my bike, I always try to be neat when I change gears and always saying ok. this time it’s gonna break down now. My bike had severe transmission problems when I bought it. It would stall in the mornings when I put to 1st gear and skip most of the time. the plates and the selector spider were worn out. will I experience this every 5000 km??? I hope not…
Well I just wanna enjoy my ride…not to think when the trans. will give up everytime I change gears…

by the way the oil leaks comes somewhere from under the carb. and from the cylinder port which the exhaust pipe bolts…

thanks for your responds…

I got my Vespa at the weekend and I expected bad things. I had read a lot about them and there has been some negative comments, but I bought one anyway. I had never riden a scooter before - I have always had motorbikes. So far I have covered 500km and I love it!!

The gears are a bit clunky but I don’t feel like anything is about to break. I saw another Vespa in a show room and the paint looked a bit thin, but mine is fine. Basically I am totally impressed with it and I don’t very often say that about anything. It’s great[:rotate:]

I’m sorry yours is not going so well. Maybe it won’t break.


Jumping on the bandwagon slightly, my almost ran in T5 172 is now experiencing slight rattles in mid range but more alarmingly if i open it up(briefly)and start to hit 70ish the vibration through the scoot is pretty scary.It wasn’t this bad before the kit was put on and would still hit 70 in the right conditions but i did seize it a few times due to carb and oil problems.Could i have done more damage than i first thought (only barrell+piston)or is it just running in symptoms. Any ideas lads???:shoot1:[:dance3:]


What oil are you using in your gearbox? Somewhere else on the forum you mentioned using 2 stroke oil. (I think it was you I’m sorry if it wasn’t).

The recommended oil is SAE 30 oil. I used to have a VW Beetle which uses the same oil in its engine because it stays ‚thick‘ even when the engine gets hot (important because it is air cooled).

If you are using 2 stroke oil in your gear box this may explain why it is making strange noises because 2 stroke oil looks quite a bit ‚thinner‘ then SAE 30 oil.

If your not using 2 stroke oil and I have got mixed up please forgive me [?[]


Thanks for the feedback Dylan,

it’s a typical transmission noise which some of the old model cars usually have.
I tried my chance if you have experianced such a thing…

as my engineer is quite far away from where I live, it is easier for me to sit in front of the computer and ask for your guys opinions…

I’ve learned a lot from these forums about vespa’s before buying my bike and I’m still getting knowledge from others problems ( I should thank sip for making a great site like this…)


The last time i owned a vespa was in 1985 it was a p200e and that had a noisy transmission but was extremely reliable. The PX200E i have just bought is 3yrs old and has done 4000 miles and that has a noisy transmission too. A friend of mine has a T5 with the same noise, so i think it is probably just the way they are built. After all it is a pretty old design.

What i meant was that i kitted the bike up after i seized it.Ive had no seizes at all with the kit,just the vibration.:shoot1:[:dance3:]


today I went to my mechanic and he listened to transmission…he confirmed there is some noise which is not normal…he said it can happen because of couple of reasons…
1- the oil can be thin or not enough (I was using SAE20 2 stroke engine oil as you remember)
2- if the rear tire has seen an abuse such as getting in hole at high speeds may have damaged the drive shaft so a slight bent at tha shaft can cause the noise…

today I changed the oil to „castrol hd30“ SAE 30 engine oil and didn’t yet ride it to see if it changed…

I’ll post the result tomorrow if the reason is oil…(I hope so!!)

Hi Gokce,

There is only one spec of SAE 30 oil. In the 1960s before multigrade oil started to be used it was the main oil, but different oils had to be used for different seasons or climates due to the thickness.

When oils like 20w/50 appeared they could be used all year round because they had additives which stopped them getting too thick when it’s cold and too thin when it’s hot (in theory).

I don’t know much about Vespas (or oil really) having only just got one but I would have thought if a driveshaft was bent you would get quite a bit of vibration. If you put the bike in gear on its stand and rev it up so the back wheel is spinning can you see it ‚wobble‘.



Good idea, just ride it. I bet it will keep going forever and ever. Have a little faith and close your ears and eventually you will forget about the noise and get used to it.

Good luck and don’t give in.


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