Why can't anyone answer to my mail?


I have ordered a lot of parts, some of them are not on stock, but I would like to know when will be in stock again or could I change my order...etc.

I have sent a lot of mails, and form, but I have not got any answer for almost 2 weeks...

My Customernumber: 18049400
My Ordernumber: 56779/2009

I would appreciate if someone from the SIP's crew could help me about it, because it's pretty disappointing...


Hi ..


do you still receved you goods ?

dont waste your time they almost never answer, i sent them loads of emails and
i might get 1 reply for every 10 messages if you can get though call them


del, uk



Nice to see that all your parts have been shipped now.


Sorry for any delay- 500 customers per day make a lot of work and we do all, to do it right for everyone.





Cheers mate for your reply! Yeah I am going to call them tomorrow and cancel the hole order... fuck it SIP. Great customer service.