Why can,t i track my order

Placed order on tuesday 21st november [vespa crash bar art no 25068200] and received e-mail confirmation of order from s.i.p. same day, however when i follow instructions on e- mail to track order [ go to users area then my parcels ] it shows no parcels sent. Am I looking in the wrong place or is it possible that my order has not been processed yet after 4 working days ?. any help please. Thanks jeff.

Same here, Not possible to track my order…

no parcels have been send it says… I already got one in my possession, and I ordered one  14-01-06…  moderators, could you have a look to my order state or give me any advise to track my order ? I’m getting desperate because sip Holland 0517233413 ( telephone number ) won’t respond, and I still don’t know where my parcel is !

regards, Tomas

They will probably reply today. If not try ringing them, you will have better luck on here or phone than with email


Bizarre! Still alls well that ends well?

So long as you are happy with your parts!


Hi Jim and S.I.P. team, order received today, had no notification it was being sent but i,m happy its arrived. Still dont know why i couldnt track it but its history now. thanks for your help.  JEFF.

P.S. to S.I.P.  simonswood was not my address.

they will send you an email when the item gets posted. Should have gone out by now really, it's showing as in stock...?


Hopefully someone from SIP will be able to look into it for you...

I live in holland, and tracking my parcel is very difficlut or not even possible.

on the site there is the " my parcel" colomn, here ( if it would work… ) you can see where your parcel is. but it ISN’T working !

Hi Jeff,

is .........simonswood ........... your adress??

let me know

If yes than your order is shipped today



thanks, s.i.p don,t appear to be responding, how can i contact them on-line?. many thanks jeff.

There you go. Not sure if they don't work weekends or are just too busy then?



does Sip use the same shipping company to ship their goods worldwide,

and does anyone know how long it would take to get an order sent to Australia?                           and will it be easy to track?

(scared to buy overseas)