Who does watercooled conversion

Anyone know of reputable barrel and head conversions in the uk ?

On a lighter note lads (but still smallframe connected of course) check www.angelozirri.com and download the little m.peg of the zirri’d up smallframe gettin power wheelied in the alley.

Beerace, hope alls well mate [:drink:]

Hi again Mike, Just about every serious tuner will undertake watercooled barrel conversions for you, so its a case of going to your preferred tuner. I know Taffspeed will do it, and their work is a work of art, and functional. The cost is expensive, but you also normally incorporate monster tuning/ cc conversions with it.

Re the above link and other german smallframe sites , you cab actually get them tranlsated before opening and then attempt to decifer the resulting translation into english. Seen some totally crazy casing alterations. Aprilia SR 190 zirri conversion on a smallframe (nuts).

I’d love to meet the infamous friendly engineer, that everyone knows but has never actually met. I know loads of blokes who use a lathe and are therefore entitled engineers, but we’re talkin precision maching here.

If the infamous, incredibly friendly, charitable, smallframe luvin engineer happens to read this then get in touch

blow up small frames,lammy resto’s are for born again mods with too much money and time, R.E: saturday afternoon on the green at the isle of wight. more new denim and pristine lammys than a 70’s promo leaflet. tossers

all those in favour of blowing up small frames say „aye“…„aye“

thought of doing a hybird??? weld up the casings and stick a water cooled top end from somthing else? RD125’s have a similar stroke to small frames, you can pick up barrels from any bike breakers and i’d imagine done well, you’d get over 20hp?? you could also do an aprilia and mito barrel, both of which polini do 150cc kits for both rate around 30-34hp!!! doubt you’d see that on a s/f though… check out www.worb5.com and look at the conversions they’ve done, then track down a nice friendly engineer and offer him a cash back hander [:)] have fun…

it’s somthing i’m really keen to do, i’ve got a old s/f engine in shed, I just need a frame… any one out there with a rusty old s/f they want rid of???

Sounds familiar Ozzy.


Try this, in german though!!!
might help a bit![:D]

Cheers mate. Suspected a lot of cost would be the outcome. There’s 2 routes for me at the moment

  1. Buy an import lammy to restore over summer (now I’m redundant)


  1. Blow up smallframe engines and have good fun doin it

Smallframe luvin? Its been known. Friendly? Possibly. Never met? I meet serious dedicated scooterists all the time, Not known to suffer fools well. Able to undertake „proper jobs“? Doc?, Ozzy?, Ade?. Biggest problem I have is I cant walk for the next few months. When I can it’ll be a few months before I can get the business up to speed, so unable to help for a long while. Even when I do, I wont be a charity. We all have to pay for the next project. Alloy welding is both expensive and time consuming, as is milling, and turning to tolerences +/- . I believe prices can be kept to a minimun though. To put a few things in perspective regarding these conversions, A race ETS crank wont handle more than about 25brake (if you can find one), and a s/f gearbox around the same. For sprinting, or racing thats ok but not a reliable road engine. Spend a grand for an engine, youll not be best chuffed when it goes BANG 10 miles up the road. 38 brake has been acheived though. And quite quick with it!

Sorry Mike and Ace, I can’t help at the mo cos of my college course, I only get home for sat & sun so i don’t get time to do my own stuff now. I would love to do a watercooled motor but will be out the game till next year pretty much. Ade.

[:)] [:)] whats that?? the friednly engineer? [;)]