Who can tell me how about hp4?

someone can tell me how about HP4 ?

Thanks teddytexture and Dylan i will try it , but i don’t where the noise come?is that mean idle speed had increase so when in 1st will (co co) noise ?
or another noise?

hi Dylan are you still use HP4 now?
and did you try to put the standard flywheel?
or sill very noise? or sounds good?

Use a cosa clutch aswell or if you already are put stronger springs in too.[H]

Nice wheelies possible with HP4 ! ;D

The HP4 is a very good flywheel, the quality is great, the acceleration is superb, but on a high end tuned engine you will get some trouble with the clutch. Sometimes the clutch will exploding. You could solve the problem with a reinforced clutch basket! The flywheel makes the gap between the 3rd and the 4th smaller!

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According to sip the hp4 flywheel is 2000grammes lighter than the standard flywheel.
This means that you will get higher rpm`s when changing through the gears, in effect its giving the engine a tune.[[:O]]