Which wiring harness for a stock US Rally 200?

Hi -

I have a US 1976 Rally 200 with completely stock electronics (6v battery, turn signals, 3 position key switch, kill switch, etc.). I have a short somewhere in the wiring, I've tried to fix it twice but had no luck. I'd like to get a new harness for it, but I can't tell which of the Rally 200 harnesses SIP sells is the right one for me. Can anyone point out which part number is right? Thanks!

Hi there,

If you check Scooterhelp you will see that the US Rallys have a far more complex wiring system than the normal ones. If your scooter is a 1976 version then you probably have the Femsa version. SIP sells a harness for the Euro spec etc. version but not the US one. It may pay to contact a US shop such as Vespa Motorsport  and they should be able to help you out.


Good Luck!


Croydon (1975 US Spec Rally)