Which tires for these rims?

Hello, I'm writting from Spain. I'm thinking about to make a change to the rims of my smallframe primavera (1978).

I've looked to this tubeless rims (81018000) and I have some questions: Does it fit with michelin S83?

Does it fit with the SCHWALBE Raceman whitewall tyres (3.50-10'' 59P, art ref: S10101)? In correct case, which is the kind of modifications I have to do on my scooter?

If I don't want to make any modification on my scooter, which whitewall tires do you recomend me?


Here you have a pic of me, my scooter (blue primavera) and my father taken this weekend:)

81058100 This Rims. 2.10x10. Tyre Tubless . Michelin S1 ?:-)