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I have a Px200e and I just bought new Metzeler 90/90x10 tires for it. I knew that the origonal size must be 3.50x10 but the guy at the shop said that 90/90x10 correspond to 3.50. But when I came home and put the tires there was huge difference. 5-6 cm around the two tire!! A simple calculation and I saw that 90/90 corresponds to 3.00. Would this difference make to much difference in gas milage, top speed and reliability ( because I think the motor will do more revs than before). We dont have much choices here in Turkey. Only pirelli SL26 and Tiawan brands. What would you suggest? Should I go for the origanal size and buy the Pirellis or keep this one…

another question is I took off the selector box cover to chrome it but that day it rained heavily… as a result there was water in the selector box. I did my best to clean it (without taking it apart) but would this cause trouble…

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Yes it will gear it down i.e. more torque but lower top speed and probably worse ecomony (not to mention look a bit silly!), so try to get the 3.50.
Dont worry too much about the selector box. Unless you actually took the whole box off (as opposed to just the cover) water cant really hurt anything here (less careful people ride for years without them!)