Which Parts Required? Converting P200E to PX Disk Brake Headset, and Cosa Clutch


I'm looking for a parts list to do a full conversion from a 83 P200E (USA) to the PX Disk Brake headset base and Gremeca bolt on master cylinder, as well as switching from a stock to Cosa clutch.  I have a scootrs disk/caliper/hose already, and am looking for the parts to complete the top.

I Emailed SIP and was told to go this link for a parts list, but it says 'Not Found: the resource you requested does not exist':

<br /><a href="t/400424.aspx" target="_blank">http://www.sip-scootershop.com/community/forums/t/400424.aspx</a>



So far I have the following items in my cart:


PX Headset Base: 60042000

Grimeca Master Cylinder (Bolt On): 56378800

Master Cylinder Screw: 29582200

Brake Light Switch:  58072300

Cable Brake Light Switch:  58061700

Sealing Washers:  90240000

Hollow Screw M10x1 Normal: 90210000


My Main Questions:


1) What rubber parts will I need to complete the setup into the  headset?  I will be keeping my original p200e  headset top and cutting a notch for the brake line. 

2) The M10x1 screw says it *has to be cut 2-3mm with '98 master cylinders*.  Is there a hollow screw that does not need cutting?

3) Which banjo is the right one for the cylinder into the headset (I already have the line)?

4) lastly - There are several complete Cosa clutches.  Which 23 cog clutch do I use with a stock-geared 83 P200E?  Are there any other parts besides the clutch, nut, and distance washer ( 69821000) needed to do the conversion?


Thank you for your help!






RE: Clutch - the Cosa 23tooth is a straight replacement with no change in gearing , remember to order a new type clutch nut and washer as well. Make sure your engine is running standard type Primary and not an aftermarket upgear kit as the Polini / Malossi gear kits are not compatible with late type clutches.