which other exhaust for standard PX200?

Hello guyz,

First of all very sorry about the english language, but I hope you don’t mind. I want to give my PX200 (2002) more torque, and also a bit more „horsepower“. Not for making wheelies, but to ride more comfortable. I am thinking about another exhaust. I don’t have the intention to change the cilinders etc. Can the „SIP performance PX200/180-200“ be a good choice? In the catalogue, they say „We recommend the shorter, rpm happy version with standard cylinders“. Anybody has an idea what this is about? I hope some of you might have experience with this?

Thanx for taking care of my question!


hi [:D] exhaust hmm Auspuff [:D]
hmm the sip performance is a good choice, but when you want more power than buy a new cilinder and all the things u need for that. hmm butu the good things of the performance is i think. a really better sound and a little oder middle power result.
hmm ah nice english isnt it ;D