Which kit?

Happy New Year to all,

I want to put a kit on my 1966 Sprint with PX125 engine. Which one do you think would best suit my requirements? Malossi 166, Polini 180 or DR 180?

I want better acceleration and better low/mid range power, top end isn’t that important. Reliability is important as this bike is a daily rider and gets me to and from work. I’m probably just going to bolt the kit on as I don’t want to mess around with the engine too much.

My carb is a standard 20/20 non-autolube and my exhaust is standard at the moment as well.

I would appreciate any input.

I have a Malossi 166 on my PX150, it’s true that there’is not many low mid range power but after and with a Sip Performance exhaust, it really busts your asses!!!

Hi, I went for improving fuel efficiency first as my scooter is brand new, I will put a barrel kit on it eventually but I wanted to get some use from it first. My motto being „if it aint broke, don’t fix it“ I have a new DR180 kit waiting to go on, I like this kit as it needs no porting to the cases, unlike the Malossi kit, They are a good improvement over standard but not as powerful as most other kits, they are certainly better than the Indian barrel. A good bet if you just want to improve on standard, the best kits are the Malossi 166 but they need the most work to get the best results, I have heard of 25hp being achieved with this set-up and a reliable 17hp for road use. The timing should be checked as a matter of course even on new bikes to find the best setting for your engine etc, being mass produced they’re all set the same for ease of production more than finding the best for each indivdual engine.

i had a dr kit on my stella. the shop that installed it said it was bulletproof, but it siezed with about 350 miles on it. i wasn't driving it hard (nice and easy to break it in.), but it went bad. i don't know if the shop didn't up jet correctly or what ever. that said, when it was running- it had a sito + and it gave good low and mid power. and i was getting 75 to 80 mpg.

Thank you all for your input - I’m sure I will be back here to ask for advice in setting the kit up when I get it.


PINASCO all day long.as above bullet proof but way down on power compared to mallos and pollini. i sacrafised a quick (but unreliable) pollini a few years ago for the pinasco and the power diff was very noticable BUT the reliability is second to none.(you also get a head with the kit) try rollerzentral very friendly (english speaking) and even foned me back to confirm that c/card had been accepted. alot cheaper than anyone else (even sip) very speedy delivery (with in a week) remember timeing and fuel is everything or RATTLE RATTLE BANG big hole in piston!


Thank you all for your contributions and input, I reckon Pinasco is the way to go!


the pinasco kit has the same cc then Polini, so it is 177.
It is available also from SIP. You can have a look in the tuning section. Cylinder kit.
It is more expensive though then the Polini.

An easy way for reliable power increase is to go for a bigger carb and pipe first. On my LML 150 I put a Simonini pipe, 26mm SI carb (24mm will do) set the timing and jetting up properly, put an Italian airfilter in and ran it in carefully (ish). I had it checked on Revival Scooters dyno, it is up from the 7hp standard to 10.1hp at 68mph with the standard Indian barrel. That’s a 33% increase on what is still a bog standard Indian 150 engine, it relatively flys now.

Well, for the best results all round I prefer the Pinasco Kit Alloy 177 kit they are literally bulletproof being alloy they disperse heat better unlike the Malossi 166 which is a Cast Iron Barrel and prone to seizure. I found the best setup was a long stroke Crank, 28mm Carb, Boost bottle and Decent Expansion Pipe. 85mph no prob with no loss of power uphill two up and that is without upgearing it . plus exceptional acceleration ideal for leaving Cars and tuned Lambrettas at the Lights the boost bottle enables you to run the scooter at 2% petroil mix rather than 3% when you bolt on a kit.
I had a go on a mates Malossi 166 and found it to be Slow in acceleration and felt slower than my Standard P2 or my Pinasco 177.

Try the Pinasco kit, I use the polini for race, good torque but not as reliable as you would hope. If you are going for Polini or Malossi there will be a lot of messing around to get it to work properly. [:bounce:]


forget the Malossi kit. It needs porting and all the other things to work right and all the power in the high range.
Polini it is ok for daily use and it has good power even with no porting. It is reliable IF YOU SET IT RIGHT. It means less error margin in carb setting and timing.
DR is good but will give you the same risk of the polini for less power.
Pinasco it is good less power then Polini but more forgiving on wrong set up.

So at the end : if you have good experience and want to spend less go for Polini.
If not get a Pinasco.

Thank you for your input. I don’t know much about the Pinasco kit. What cc is it, and is it widely available in teh UK? Is it also comparable to the others cost wise? I’ll probably get a pro to look over my shoulder and set it up properly.


Thanks for the advice, that sounds like a good suggestion and probably works out easier on the pocket as well.

Why did you take this route, instead of putting on a kit in the first place?