Which kit for px200

what are the pros and cons of the polni208 vs mallosi210
i have a px200 with a sip pefomance pipe and would like more accelaration. can the polni kit be rebord if it nips up or do you have to buy a new kit as with the mallosi [:drink:]

Just fitted a Pinasco kit to my P2 with standard crank, SIP Pipe and a 28mm Dellorto carb.

Vespadoctor’s right, this kit pulls really smoothly with plenty of torque.

Probably didn’t need a bigger carb but you can’t beat the noise!

I have set the ignition timing at 18 Degrees but Pinasco recommend about 24 Degrees on their website, this seemed too much to me?


Can you explain what squish clearance is? I’ve never heard the term before. Thanks
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the arseholes that said fit the malossi and match the casings later when you have to split the casings dont know what theyre on about.match all ports whatever you fit before you fit it or pay the price

what jets do i need to use with the pinasco standerd crank and sip peformance. when i put it all back together do i put the insernt
gasket underer the base gasket or on top and do i use it on the cyilinder head or is no gasket required as the standerd moter

do you have to use a longstroke crank with the pinsco kit or can you use the standerd crank

sorry for been an old pane in the arse but shuld the pinasco kit come with gaskets i am using the standerd crank allso the piston rings seem slack to me but this is my first tuning prodject so dont now how there are soposed to be

if I wanted to keep the standard crank with the pinasco could I getaway with just bolting the kit on without doing any mods to the cases ? Or would a malossi worb 5 kit be the way to go … hmmm. I’m new to tuning, I recently saw some casing mods at the local shop, the guys at the shop recommended just bolting on a malossi and doing the case mods when I need to do some maintence on the engine.

thanks for the quality info Doc, you are a great resource. I can’t wait to get the kit. Any jetting recomendations for a sito plus pipe with a dell’orto 24/24 ? I’ll have to wait a little before I can get the sip.

Do a dry build of the top end, no rings or circlips and check the squish clearance. When I checked mine is was big (phnar phnar), alright about 2.5mm (it was cold!)[:D]

So when I put it together properly I just used some red instant gasket on the top and bottom of the barrel.

Before you put it together just check the quality of the piston, the first one I received had a flaw in the Aluminium on the inside corner of the large window, just waiting to explode!

Fair play to SIP they changed it no problem.

Also check the ring gap as mine were really tight ;D

With the air filter if you turn it over you should see a small heart shape indentation in the base, if this is solid you need to drill through the aluminium. Make the holes a similar diameter to the indent.

This just lets more air through the atomiser/main jet assembly.
Don’t forget to clean all the swarf out of the filter else your lovely new kit will suck it all in.

Hope this helps!


Dont forget the fireball you get if you fart when riding with a hot motor, nice on a cold day but dont wear flammable trousers.

thanks vespadocter for all your advise and sorry for any incorect spelligs i think i will go with the paninsco if i do go paninsco and decide later i want more power could i put a mallssi on it

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stocksmk1:you can change up to any other cylinder with bigger porting like the malossi at any time,just increase the size of the ports but your makin a good choice as it is stringy: forget the dellorto mate go onto scootrs.com and get yerself a pwk type keihin 28/30 oval bore ‚d‘ slide carb kit.current exchange against the dollar make em about £45/50 and they fukkin rock.ive always been a dellorto man til i tried this beauty and you will not believe the diffrence.crank open the throttle and its so crisp you get a crackin type noise and it just takes off,awesome!!!.as for 24 degrees timing for pinasco forget it,either 16/18btdc is spot on in my experience. TUNING IS AN ADDICTION MATCHED ONLY BY CLASS A DRUGS

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just recived my pinasco kit the is no gasgets what do i use and the instuctions say something about makeing a slight change to the airfilter any help would be appreciated

thanks for you advice, I get a bad feeling about their work. Some people have told me to avoid having them work on my scoot, some rumors of seizing after they re-jet. I’m planning on giving this a go on my own, I have been flipping through the haynes manual getting psyched up about the project.

I’m a bit leery on my current jetting on a stock p2 … 24/24, with a 110 main jet, BE6 plug, sito plus. The plug looks good to me but looking at the specs for the bike it looks like the stock jetting would be a 116-118. I’m trying to understand why the bike would be setup with a lean jet? Wouldn’t this negate performance and make the scoot more likely to seize … I’m trying to understand the subtle nuances of jetting.

dremmel will do as there isnt much alloy to be taken off.with some of the aftermarket base gaskets the port hole is too small and also needs enlarging to match.dont forget with a longstroke crank you need a 1.5mm base gasket so the one ya get in the kit aint no good

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instant gasget sounds good but how did you match your transfers without a gasget for a template[:drink:]

any shop that will sell the kit will sell a thicker base gasket
a 24 carb,sito plus,pinasco 213 will need a135 main jet.forget the squish,bolted on tightly the pinasco runs at about 130 psi which is mental.if its too much fit a malossi head gasket and remove coarse mould finish from inside head with 800 wet and dry then polish with autosol.use hermatite instant gasket even where you have gaskets as the fukkers leak like feck.ALWAYS USE GASKETS,NEVER RELY ON INSTANT GASKET ALONE except on the head to barrel seal

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if youre using the standard crank you can use a standard gasket available anywhere,just trim it to fit.as for the rings they are a bit springy and to look at they look like they’ll fit a 500cc but they do squash down into the bore honest!.the good thing is being very springy as the bore wears they will spring out to fill any gap so no loss of compression

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you can rebore the polini because its a steel barrel,you can also rebore the malossi but then have to have it rechromed and honed.if all you want is some extra top end and better acceloration then go pinasco.only a very small casing modification and good results.if you want total power and kick arse revs then go malossi.the polini will rev well but as a result you will use all the revs .being a steel barrel it doesnt displace the heat as well as the malossi so you are more prone to „nipping up“.treat a malossi well in the beginning and the number of polini rebores and pistons to the number of malossi rings over the same mileage and thrashing will show it pays to go the extra euro or 20 and go malossi.i’d still recommend the pinasco tho

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