which gear ratio please

Which up[ gear ratio?

The patient is a v90 with polini 115 (matched to cases) ..dellorto 19/19 shb carb....leo vince pipe..standard crank...90 kg pilot..3.5 by 10 tyres

I want maximum mid range and top end power .this scoot spends most time on the open road with quick bursts to pass another scoot  (normally go out with 3 or 4 other scoots and take turns passing to ride at the front)...and then settle back down to near full throttle with all scoots staying together

I have both a 2.95 (21/62)and a 2.86(22/63) ..which will be best for me????

I could swap cogs betwen them and by using 21/63 get a 3.0 ratio

what say ye?

Hi picking gear ratio I find is a personal thing to what you feel you need you ride the scoot so you will have the best idea what you need I have the formula to work out your ratio to rpm to road speed if you want  just let me know I will send it to you