which Exhaust?

hey folks, looking to strap a polini 177 kit to my px 125 disc and thinking of which exhaust.
not gonna be doing any major tuning and i use it everyday in all weathers so’s im looking at stainless.
more power or torque on the top end would be nice as i suffer a little bit with a passenger on the motorway!

thanks guys

I’ve went as far as 70 with still a wee bit to go, but never like to push it - I’m a big sh1te bag [:)]

I’ll start pushing it further once I’ve got the crank cases done and 28mm carb on.

Must admit , with the PM pipe it went from 50 to 60 in a flash…


Thanks for the info…I think I will buy 1, eve S.I.P sell these at over £120 .



I have a PM pipe on my Px 177 Polini. Quite happy with it at high end , but will be fitting up a 28mm carb and getting the crankcases sone end of this month.

With bolt on parts just now performs quite well.


Simonini it is a good choice, PM is better still, but much more expensive, but then you have said you were thinking about stainless and neither of them comes on this version.
If it is stainless that you want get a RZ2000 or RZ right hand.
They come also in this version. Both will gives you good torque. The right hand very slightly more.
But don’t think stainless will remain clean and shiny even if you will spray with transparent high temperature spray (reccomended also to help heat dissipation) they will get soon a mat dirtish look.

Sounds good but I can’t follow the link !!!

is the website OK?


I have a Polini 177 kit with a Simonini pipe and I am happy with the speed. I advise you to go for 26mm carb SI cos I feel this has made the difference.

I had a Sito plus pipe before the Simo and the power was pretty poor, big difference with the Simo.

I must say I have been tempted to go for the ScootRS pipe but may be a risk with my setup.



Just in case anyone does want to buy a scootrs pipe, i was told by somebody last night on scooterbbs that his staff have bailed on him and started their own concern, now they sell the scootrs pipes for 60 pounds, the shop is called www.sterlingscooterparts.com at least this way it ainty that much of an investment to try one out.

I have Sito + and i’m very happy[:)] sito+ with orginal PX125 (I oversize 11 atm comp) Speed it’s ~80-90km/h on the road with passenger. i’m planning put on DR177 with carb si24 exhaust SITO+ and change cluth 22 teeth. I think speed ~110km/h

hello Brian,

I agree with you. Then buy a Simo.

appreciated guys.

reason im looking at the stainless is cos it’s going to last the winter. i’ve been told sito’s, simonini’s etc all rust out very quick compared to piaggio’s originally fitted exhaust an my exhaust atm is quite the rust bucket!

i got the same probs as grimsey, can’t follow the link! devastating. i google-whacked and that came up with nothing.

okies, just to let you know my plans, im shopping on the market for a 200 to restore, looking to stretch my budget about 300-500 and work on it slowly putting all my love and attention into that. i can’t take the risk of putting my vespa off-road for more than a few days, let alone should, god forbid, something go wrong and i can’t get to work or uni.

thanks again for all your hard work and effort in helping me out.



What is your top end speed on the flat?



Fantastic news about scootRS, only 5 days too late, as I put an order in with them last week!



I would have thought a Stainless Steel expansion chamber on a PX125 with just a bolt on Polini would not be a good idea, better to go with Simo as less heat and more torque?

What do you think?