which exhaust??

can anybody tell me if the JL exhaust Art No. 21002000 will allow me me to carry a spare wheel  under the side panel, it seems to guggest that it will but then when you read the test report it says no, has anybody bought this exhaust...... thanks[:D]

cheers mate, much appreciated

hi, yes you can fit your spare on this pipe, i have this pipe on my px200 and i still have my spare on it with no problem at all…and its really nice specially the sound and of course the performance with 210 malossi,t5 4th gear, match ported case and 24/24 si e stock carb with 125 main jet plus reinforced clutch basket. cheers!

Racing exhaust „Performance“
SIP PX200/Rally200, stainless
steel, w/ CARBON muffler
fits with sparewheel
Art.-no. 21002000