Which exhaust?!

I'll keep this short and sweet,


I've had my PX 125 for about 6 yrs now (registered in 2003) and have always wanted to change the exhaust. I know nothing about engines, clutches or cranks etc. I just want to buy an exhaust that an absolute beginner could fit that looks the part but isn't to loud. If anyone could help, You've got a friend for life.


Many Thanks


sito +  part # 23000000

sip road part # 241660000

the sip road is about $50 (u.s.) more. one post said it has the same surface rust problem. the product info says it will give a bit more power.

both look basically like the stock exhaust. later...

the sito + is a nice exhaust. nice little power boost (especially low and mid range) for not too much money. you'll have to up jet a bit with it. the only down side i had was it started to show some surface rust some what quickly. i ended up stripping it down and repaiting it with high temp paint. maybe you can prevent the surface rust if you hit it with some high temp paint before you install it. (i'm not really sure, but it might be worth a try.) as for looking the part, it looks alot like a stock exhaust. it's a bit louder then the stock exhaust but in a good way.(to my ears anyway.) you might want to check out the other sito exhausts. i've got no experience with them, but i've read good things. later...

Go for the SIP ROAD

the shito+ doesn't last and the noisier it get the more your regret it