Which exhaust sounds good?

In so many exhaust systems
I wonder which one sounds good?
Like the sound is low or not too loud
Because my government does not allow the scooter too noisy

thanks a lot!
happy new year!

i have sip performance on my new p200,its sounds ace, although you could say a little loud!the sound is quite deep and when your cruising doesnt seem that loud .One you could try is the simminini which sounds nice & not to loud ,from my experience it doesnt do any good on a kitted scoot!so be aware.Apart from that all none standard exhaust are louder than normal ,i`m not sure if you can use silencer wool that polini do ,to stuff in the muffler .Any way good luck & keep listening for something you like :see ya

hi,i must admit im a big fan of pm,s systems,they have a tinney sound,personally i think sound great and they perform well.downside is,if you go for the chrome option,its pricey,thats why im interested in the stainless scorion/sip and im still waiting for feedback on the next board.c,mon