Which engine bearins i need for my vespa pk 125 xl

Hello, i´m aturollo from Spain.

Firstable i have a question about the engine bearings i must buy for my Vespa PK 125 XL , the model exactly its Vespa pk 125 xl  125 VMX6T 2t  from  1987.

Due to i want to change the crankshaft for the racing crankshaft worb5 (Vespa pk 125/ETS/N/XL/XL2 ,special lip for reed valve engines, 24/25mm cone ) article number 46090000, so i must open the motor and i want to change all the bearings, oil seals and toricae rubbers.

Please, could someone tell me all the bearings, oil seals and toricae rubbers that i need to do that.

Thank you very much indee, for advance.

Best regards and merry christmas.




Hi LaRocca.

Sorry for the delay ,i didn´t answer before because i were out for job.

Thank  you very much for your quick answer, your information was very useful to make my order. You are the best [:D]

You´re welcome !

Hi dude


ok let´s try [:D]


i recommend you the bearings 22768700 / 9002000 / 9019000


  oilseal kit 91201000


for the kickstart rubbers  you have to check the picture and measure if its 16520700 or 16520600