Which cylinder kit to my V50/N?

Hi all,


I would like to upgrade my cylinder on my -71 V50/N.

The setup I already have is the following:

- Crank "italian original" they call it like this in Sweden...more open than the ones originally sold here

- Carburator 16/10. I have just bought a 16/16 also...

- Original cylinder 50cc

- Banana exhaust

- 24/72 gears

- 10" tyres

Ignition is set to 19degrees

It runs in 55km/h for the moment, but I would like to change the cylinder into a larger one which fits the new 16/16 carburator and the crank I´m having.

So which cylinder kit would you guys recommend for me? I do not want to mill anything in the engine cases, just a kit which is bolt-on so to say.





Hi dude


i guess you got a good basic to upgrade to an 102 DR cylinder Kit, it´s basically the only thing do you have to change (milling is not necessary) and your 24/72 is just the right gear !


- Recommended mainjet 68-66


- Sparkplug W4AC


- Ignition Timing 17 degreees