Which Crank??

Hi All,
Asking for a mate. He’s got a 210 Malossi, 24mm carb and a Polini pipe. I think he’s ported the transfer ports but the inlet is standard. He wants to change his crank. I don’t know why. So which one is advised? There seem to be so many. And will a repacement give any more power?


Best for what?He must match the inlet or it’s a total waste of time and money.My preferance,as long as the inlet is matched,would be a standard cut and fitted with a Jap 'rod but if he can’t be bothered/doesn’t have access to a crank man then he could use this.

why spend the money on a crank,when he has a set up like that ,and runninig a polini pipe[?[] [?[] [?[] i no where my money would be spent first;D ;D ;D