Which crank?

I have a primavera that I'm putting a 130cc polini kit on.  What crankshaft would be best?

Are there any available that won't require milling, ie, that are made specifically for a Polini kit?





You´re welcome [8-|]

Many thanks for the info, LaRocca.

I'll probably have some more questions at a later date....





Hi ...


Do you use an Reed valve or a rotary vale system ?

If you use the rotary valve system, i recommend you an mazzuchelli racing crank.

If you use an reed valve system i recommend you the special lip crank.




The best Carburetor would be a 24 Dellorto VHST or PHP.

Also an PK crankshaft and ignition with the bigger cone becuase you got a lot of tourque with this setup [:)]


The best Setup in my oppinion for you would be:

130 Polini / 24 Dellorto VHST Flat Slider Carb./ Special Lip Crank / Reed Valve Intake / Parmakit Ignition with big PK cone / Reinfored PKXL clutch / Down and Forward or Sip Curley Exhaust. / Primary 27/69 / Zirri short 4. gear / Zirri Cruciform ...