Which conversion fork for disc brake? (try again..)

No response in the Classics-forum, so I try again here:

I’m building a disc brak on my GL (VLA…) and was wondering which fork I needed.

Is it the Sprint/Rally one (Art.-No. 13347100)
or the one for VNA/VBA/VBB/GS160/T4 (Art.-No. 133472)



you need the PX or the PK fork with 20mm

only they work with discbrake



I also thought it was the Sprint/Rally version I needed. But I have a suspiscion it would be abit too long. At least when I bought the Bajaj replacement fork (Sprint/Rally-version) I had to chop about 1 cm off the fork below the threads at the top and re-weld it.

Now, if I have to do a lot of chopping and rewelding on the fork I’m buying I might as well buy the unmodified pk125 fork for almost half the price. But I’d rather pay the extra for one of the modified conversion forks if someone could tell which one is the right for me.

I’d wish SIP could do me an offer like the one you mention, but I don’t want to gamble on it. SIP’s customer service isn’t actually reputed to be very good. Unfortunately I’ don’t really have a choice to buy these parts any other place as no one has the same amount of parts as SIP do. Bad service is just something you have to learn to live with when buying from SIP.

The least SIP could do is give a better description of how the two forks differ. The VBB version weighs 3800g while the Sprint/Rally version is 4250g. They look practically the same on the pictures, but where does the extra weight come from? Is one longer than the other? The people who produced these forks must know the subtle differences…?


That wasn't what Magnus ment,he was asking which item fitted his frame.


Sorry Magnus but I never looked at items in my previous answer on your other thread.I would guess at the Sprint,Rally item although I am by no means sure.


Perhaps SIP will offer you a no quibble exchange if that isn't the right item should they not be able to tell you.I realise this is far from ideal but I don't know another option unless someone else can answer you for definate.