Which clutch to mount on primaria23/63 polini?

I have made a motor with:
Racing crankshaft Vespa PX125- Mazzuchelli
- 177 reworker by worbs;
- si 26/26g "sip"
- primary 23/64 polini p125x
- hp4 big cone
- sito plus
and now..
which clutch I can mount with primary 23/64 polini?
thanks a lot

hello, I don't understand what you mean with which clutch?

More important thing I feel to tell you with your set up the gearing is too long. Forget about if  Polini or Malossi advice you a certain gearing choice: it is too long, no doubt and no question of taste about it.

With your set up you would preferably use a 22 68 (with SIP 22 cosa clutch and standard 68 PX125 lusso christmas three) or if you want to use a PX 200 christmas three you can eithe ruse 21 65 (no matter what they say in the italian forum it works), or 22 65. These two using 21 or 22 cosa clutch.




tanks Cipior for your appreciation,

about your "conception" I would say:

NO for the leovinci. With this gearing won't work well. Buy a Simonini if you want a cheap expansion, SITO is OK but loud and if has to be loud then better an expansion.

If you use the scooter mainly in town of course will be better the 22/68 or 22/65 ratio.



Thanks Curare for suggestion :)
But Simonini its noise than SITO PLUS , Simonini sound its like enduro engine
Sometimes i see exhaust Pinasco on Ebay.de What you think abouat Pinasco exhaust ?



thanks for reply.

now, I have understand that  it isn’t possible to combine a Polini Primary Trans 23/64 with a Cosa/New style clutch. but.. Can i combine with a px200 clutch? it's possible with modifications? your opinion?

thanks a lot

ok. i have undertand.

thank a lot

Curare you are my favorit :)

Last sesone i had malossi 23/64 in the engine (px125: DR 177, carb 24/24, sito+) this gearing its too too too long really!

Now i planning put 23/65 from PX 200 with all gearbox px 200 because i have in my garage but i thinking 22/68 its better for me but In internet shop (SIP, SCK, RSE) didn't have clutch 22 :(

px 125: carb 24/24,
polinii 177,
crank normal with racing timming,
exhaust leovinci or sito +  or pinasco - now i looking via ebay
gearbox PX 200
clutch 23/65  
Scooter for rideing in town sometimes touring

Curare what you think about my conception. ?


please, i want your opinion.



buy  this 22 CLUTCH .   Its in stock





What I said is that in my opinion 23 64 is a too long gear ratio. Even if it was possible to mount it with a Cosa clutch impossible since it hasn't straight teeth) it would be too long so it will be too long also if you are going to use with PX clutch.It is not the clutch itself that I am questioning, but the gearing ration. If you stay on 23 64 it will be too long it doesn't matter whatever clutch assembly you are going to mount.

I advice you to mount the christmas three of the PX 200 that has a primary of 65 teeth. It will give you the largest choices on the clutch sproket number of teeth since you could combine with it 21 - 22 or 23 teeth clutch sproket.

A good combination for me it is 22 65, but if you like shorter you could always choose a 21 (without changing the christmas tree or primary) or if you want even longer you could use a 23 sproket.

I think this is all that is possible to say, more would be only repeaiting.



but i looking gear 22 for old model clutch because in my engine was old typ clutch, and i have all parts to clutch.