Which cilinderhead????

I have a 210cc malossi with short crank and the malossi head,mmw2 reedblock,rd350 reeds and mikuni TMX30 . in high rpm in 3th en 4th i hear a noise ithink its detonation . Maybe its better to change the head now is the queqtion which one and how to fit (joints ??) .I would like also to change the exhaust but is there a better alternative for the JL rh ???

Thx and sorry fot my english

Malossi cilinderhead is bad, the squish is 0.8mm, absolutely no good.

Leads him to squish at least 1.5mm and the detonation is gone.
The ideal would be to work his head to keep the compression ratio to 12.5:1
For the exhaust, PMTuning, very good.

Sorry for my english, i ave used a traslator :-P



you can try with the mmw or the new pinasco.

but a lot of people use the mmw one!

you can try also the USA original 200cc cilinderhead, it's works fine!