Which carb/which exhaust

im shortly going to rebuild me 172 (t5) im running the scorpian pipe and standerd carb before it blew i had lots of bog down points so would changing the carb help this im thinking of 26mm also would i be better of with the taffy goldline pipe?

thanks for the input fellas ill stick to the t5 carb as my mate has opend the inlet to match the carb now…plus i think im getting psn to make sure its set up right this time as i dont want to break it again;D

I’d recommend keeping the T5 carb Joe. The 26mm is a PX one, The T5 carb was different, with different intake length. You could try getting your carb bored out to 26mm and re jetting, but it won’t make that much difference. Ade

No Joe,Spaco’s are a bag of shite,don’t go there.I’d prefer the Taff to the Scorpian but it sounds more like the jetting needed properly set rather than the pipe.

Have to agree! taffy and standed carb, the 26mm is either easy to set up, or crap! but mostly crap! get it running right with standerd carb, then change it to 26mm, so when it runs crap, sod to jet, you know its the 26mm carb;D