Which carb tray and carb ?

Hi there,

I have a 1969 Spanish Motovespa 160 frame with a new engine based around the remade new PX200 malossi casings. Its currently got a PHBH 26 MM Carb fitted to it with the fuel entering the casings via an inlet manifold ,rather than a reed valve. I want to revert back to a standard P200 Si 24 carb sitting in a carb tray none of which i currently have. Its premix into the tank and not autolube.

Q -  Is there anyone out there that can advise me which parts i need from the S.I.P website and give me the part numbers so i can order them. I don't want to order the right tray but wrong top and vice versa and the wrong carb etc etc. If possible i'd like to use genuine Piaggio parts.


Many Thanks - Dave W