Which Carb Should I use?

Please help me! I used Malossi 210 W5, vespatronic and malossi manifold with rubber connector of malossi, but Sip have mikuni powerjet 30, dell'orto VHSH flat 30, mikuni 34 non powerjet and dell'orto VHSB 34 flat slide. PLEASE give me an advice for the carb and the timing for vespatronic, i'm vietnamese so my english is so so

with the malossi manifold i would not go any larger than 30mm.

personally, i always used a 28mm Flatslide mikuni. 

my advice would be to get a carb in the 28-30 mm carb that you have a good local source for jetting parts. it is a huge waste of time to have to order a jet or needle from a faraway place because you don't have the one you need. 

Some body help me please!

Sorry I cant help with the jetting questions, but plug chopping is always recommended.

I did want to ask, did the vforce reedvalve fit into the Malossi Manifold ? 

I have the same setup as you, 60mm stroke , bell crank and 30mm PWK carb. I wouldnt expect the jetting to change much.  


Thanh you for your help! but can I change the reed valve of malossi to MEMBRANE "VFORCE 3" TASSINARI with 30 carb?how about the main jet should I need and if I change to bigger carb, what will I do?