Which 50 cc new scooter to buy for serious tunning?

Hi all,

I want to seriously tune a new 50 cc Scooter, I like the look of the Aprilia SRR Factory but also like the Vespa ET2 50. I want to do almost everything possible for the scooter I end up buying, I want high revs !

What Do you reccomend? Maybe another make or option? I have a Ducati Motorbike and want the most power out of a new 50cc scooter !

One last Question, Whats the difference later on after tuning between a SR Ditech and SR50. Which can get more power!

Best Regards Eddie

woops lewis07 has already said that

go for piaggio nrg 05  not purejet or ac   just the lc one  .. has massive potential .. and is the latest installment of the piagio range  ;) 

s c o t t y

Me and a mate both have Aerox’s, he also rides a Ducati and he loves he’s Aerox for a day to day run about bike, being a carb engine you can do what you want, there are tones of parts and plenty you can do to it. handeling is much better than the new SR 50. So the Aerox is the one you want to get hands down for a 50cc. otherwise just get a bigger scoot.[:D]

aerox allllll dayy longg u can replace absoulty everything on emm with customm parts ...and u can get absoulty  evrything racing on them and the parts r esy 2 get ur hands on


was it a aerox?

Get the piaggio zip sp

i think that lewis07 is right!

you should buy an aerox if you want good acceleration and about 130km top speed![:P]

you can get everything for a aerox mate

i would say either an aerox or a NRG mc3

You told about Sr Ditech and SR Factory : not the best if you want to tune. Carbs are here since ages, so you can get everything of it. But tuning on injection scoots is becoming a reality. Check the AF1 forum if you are interested. But forget about more than 115 real speed on these bikes. Accel remains their best quality, with handling (the good old SRs) and fuel economy.

i have an aerox r with a ZX pipe and a dopple boost bottle and it flys loads of parts out there with good potental thumbs up with the aerox

did you get one?

Or you could go for the Japanese scoot brands… Honda Dio or Yamaha Jog are both good scoots with tons of tuning potential!

Defo get an aerox. soooo many parts and really easy to work on yourself with limited knowledge :)

if you did i got a polini sport for sale

yamaha bws there lighter then an aerox and not as manny ppl ave them