Where are my scooter parts?

I ordered my parts over a month ago and they have taken money from my credit card (about £500!!!) they said the Grimeca Disk was out of stock, and now they ignore any of my emails asking when I may receive!!!

Is this service, I think not.

If you have an on going project that you want finishing for the Summer then maybe try elsewhere!! [:shock1:]

Scooter-org have you got your parts yet ? if so is the disc brake kit good or not because i have just odered one, which on the new wed site they are in stock! . And what are they like to put on, will my brake light still work?.
Richie Rich [:)]

Hi folks, have had no problems with SIP so far, always quick and confident service to me. Cheers!

OK Ralf, at last a reply [:rotate:]

No I still haven’t had an email from SIP! I was beginning to think that my order and money had been lost [:’(]

The thing I’m most upset about is the taking of my money weeks before any chance of you sending the order [:@] But if thats not normal and a mistake then OK

I look forward to my parts, maybe in 2 weeks! [:bounce:] [:dance1:] [:dance3:]

Thank You Ralf for your genuine concern and attention

Rob scooter_org

Dear Sir,

I’ve PK FL2 125 automatica. I need to enlarged the cc into 150-200cc. Do you have a cylinder kit and crank kit?
Pls need advise…[:)] Thanks


Scooter center is wicked!


Had any joy yet?

Vespa… its not just a scooter, its a way of life!
Visit www.mtldirect.co.uk

Thanks for the tip, god I hope they are on there way [:dance1:] [:dance1:] [:dance1:]

Dear Scooter_org, I am sorry if you have not had a reply on your request yet. Normaly we try to work on all emails to us within a short time, but due to the high season at the moment, sometimes there are delays. Sorry again.
The situation for the GRIMECA is that we are promised to have the disc brakes within the next 2 weeks, but we are only sure when they arrive physicaly in our warehouse. I cannot believe someone already charged your credt card, our policy is to charge the card at the moment when your parcel LEAVES our warehouse. If this is still an open point or if you are not happy enough with this explanation send me an email at [email protected] and I will check for you. Probably you have received an answer on your origin email now anyway. I will drop the man with the emails a hint.
Sorry again, we are mainly scooterists and no perfect office-organizers, but we work hard to make things better and better… [:rotate:]

No still nothing [:sleep:] [:sleep:] [:sleep:]

on the 30th April I was told two weeks but its now the 19th of May!! [:’(]

It does seem to be out of there hands though down to Grimeca

I’ve been waiting that long I had almost forgotten about them [:shock2:] The order is dated 28th of March!! [:’(] [[:O]] [:’(]

The scooter center have them in stock so yours may be on the way.

had a similar problem few months back - they ‚lost‘ my order but very apologetic when they ‚found‘ it (weeeks later and many emails…) and all was sorted ASAP…

am just about to make up another order now but don’t like the sound of your situation

is a shame - they don’t seem to put much of a priority on their online orders - strange considering the extent of their site!

Anyway - am at the mercy of someone chancing across my order I suppose

that don’t seem right

Yeah the parts came in about the middle of June and the problem was the Disk brake being out of stock for ages.

Yeah the kit is really good, I would recommend.
Though I have to point out that I’m not using the semi-Hydraulic but using a Vespa 98 master cylinder mounted on the handlebar and so fully Hydraulic.

The enginering on the parts is excellent very good quality and looks the business.

I was pissed off at the wait but it wasn’t SIP’s fault and them charging me 3 months before sending saved me money because the exchange rate in June made the the parts far more expensive so they did me a favour without even knowing.

Your brake light will still work as long as you make sure the cable go’s through the switch the same as it does now.

I’m not sure how much of an improvement the kit will make as a semi, really you should go down the full hydraulic route for real stopping power!

Rob Ormsby [:rotate:] [:dance1:] [:rotate:]

I have had dealings with them before with no problems but this has really put me off. If only they would update me to what is happening. I would love to cancel the order but as they have already taken the money from my card!! [:@] [:@] If it was refunded then charged again by Koln Scooter Center then I would lose out big time on the exchange rate Etc [:’(]

I have a book for KSC but I feel a little put off by it all been in German [:rolleyes:]

Thanks for the replys, if only SIP could do that [:@] [:@] [:@]