What's the difference between this two tires?


I want to know what's the difference between this two tires:


White wall tire CONTINENTAL

ZIPPY3, 3.00-10,50J reinforced





White wall tire CONTINENTAL

ZIPPY3, 3.50-10 51J reinforced




What's the difference between 3.00-10,50J and 3.50-10,51J

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The first is 3.00

the second is 3.50 sized.

It's a larger tire and it often gives some troubles on our small frames cause it touches the rear shock.

Yes you´re right ...


and it touches also the travers !






Basically its not a problem to go with 2 persons with this tires,

you only have to pay attention about the correct air pressure.




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Is it good for 2 people on my smallframe with this tires ?



The 50 is for the Max. Weight 190 kg

51 is for Max. Weight 195 kg.

J is for Highspeed max. 100 km/h