What tuning?

Hello there!

I’m going to tune my P200-engine.
At this moment the only tuning is the SitoPlus exhaust…
But I want more!!;D

But I don’t know wich to choose! -Malossi, Polini etc??

I’m not going to do anything about the transfers in the beginning, just bolt it stright on and up-jet the 24/24-carb…

Later I will do the transfers… (when I rebuild it)

So hopefully some of You can help me decide wich tune-kit to buy!?

I would like the engine to be strong and lasting. I’m going to use it for touring and as a comuting ride (70km total)


Regards, Øyvind


if for touring use a Pinasco.
Slightly more powerfull then the standard PX200

I like the Polini but need careful set up.

Malossi is the fastest of them all but needs reeds, short 4th if not bolted on plain say good buy to your torquey 200 pull any gear feeling.