What to do with T5

I ride a bog standard T5 classic. Should I leave it as standard, or what simple modifications can I make to improve performance [:drink:]

I have got a 172 malossi with a SIP head, is it best to run with head gasket in or out, i have got it in and it goz well but would like more power.

looks like i’ll be in good company then !!!

[:shock2:] what!!! modify it? no no no leave it be, put a pipe on it as doc says rare as horse poo to get bits for, example, ebay, t5 caesings, £60 with still a few days left to bid on it. i have a p2 lump in my mk1 t5 and would give my right arm for a good standard t5 lump. but such a tight fisted blurt i wouldnt pay the doe for the bits, a crank for example new £160, top end new if you can still get them, last one i got was from twe at £110 and that was 3 years ago.was bidding for a few bits on ebayjust to have as spare and they were gettin rediculas money!!! leave the motor alone and put a chrome simmi on it.[:dance3:]

T5 engines and T5 heads are very rare, so it´s not easy to say, what´s the best way.
You can „only“ mount a 172 Malossi and a bigger jet, modify the head; with this you have a very good scooter for long trips and enough power for cruising. I don´t know a better engine for long trips.
If you want to have 30mm & more carb, exhaust, crank …, take a PX 200 engine, same costs, but much more power!

We have a dealer in Hamburg, „Scooter & Service“, his last gauging on the 210 Malossi kit…37,3HP!!![[:O]] [[:O]]
Without NOS, Nitro…
Runs on regular gas! :stuck_out_tongue:

STUBBSY, current project is square headlight t5, Doing full blown P2 motor to fit, this is all for a mate, and paintwork. Unfortunately he wants to keep standard lump, as is in a box. Cant see the full appeal meself but just doing what he wants.

please excuse me beerace,wasnt thinking straight had a mental glitch.please accept my humblest apologies for forgetting the watercooling,im stood in the corner now with a long pointy hat on that has a ‚d‘ on the front and am about to be lashed(not lashed up stringy) with stinging nettles for the utter shame of it.thats it suicide is the only answer to hide my shame,forever known as the twat that forgot the h2o.if anyone would like to post me an abusive reply to this as i’m such a c**t please feel free to do so.dragging the family name through the mud again after that incident with the goat…mumble mumble…

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personally i’d leave it standard.standard t5 motors are getting as rare a rocking horse do-do so why spoil a good one,HOWEVER,you could 172 it with a 30mm reed block,full circle crank,pm pipe,gear up kit,boost bottle,nitros and run it on 100% methanol for that querky little kick you desire

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984

OH Vespadoc, you tease, you know very well to watercool at this stage!! Pound for pound go get a p2 lump, put it in and start from there, then malossi 210, 34mm carb, kawasaki reedblock, gear up kit, full circle crank, liquid cool, then if yer box and clutch can hack it by all maens go methanol/nitros. there . easy. BEER.

Thanks to you all, if I bump into any of you at IOW i’ll get you a drink.

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dear 5030berty,unfortunately you seem to have caught myself,beerace and the rest in quite a frivolous mood,we’re getting frisky thinking of the coming rally season.seriously, consider another motor and mothball the t5,one day it could buy you a fekkin big house.why piaggio stopped making this gem and continued with the px125 i will never know.as a standard engine theyre good for everyday,rallies and really dont need messing with.get an old shagged p2 lump and really go to town with it.find one with a scored felt pad and reed the tits off it,malossi 210,longstroke,30mm carb etc and enjoy the pleasures of blowing casing,crank,clutch and everything else across 3 lanes of the m5 at 90+mph and spend 3mths in hospital with a silly smile on yer face(try and do it as a speed camera captures the moment for you).its fuuuuuuuuuuukkin ace!!!.p.s. look for a big bold git with an enormous gut and a goatee beard at the isle o wight,dis am da doctor.fill me with beer and watch me talk shit and puke a lot

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984