What sizes are my original primaries?

I have got a 1996 PK50XL2, and just bought a 1981 50 Special. I am looking into getting new primary gears for these, but to find the right dimnesion it would be helpful to know the gear ratio/cog numbers for the original ones? Please, help me out here..

development would be a perfect something larger, such as a vespa pk 125, and you could grow to about 70 - 80 kmh without problems

Thanks! I have got a DR 75 kit on the PK, and will go for the same or a 85cc on the Special. Would it make sense to use something else then, to allow it to go 55-60km/h?

Hi ,


the pk/V50 uses mostly the 4.06 ratio


on both std. engines this will work great: