What pipe fpr a t5 with back disc and wide wheel kit

hi ive got the back disc and wide wheel kit on a t5 lump
id like to know whick pipe i should put on it ???
ive tried a taffspeed it dont fit the wide wheel let alone with the disk on
ive tried a micron too with the same result (old type micron pipe)
ive also tried the sip pipe and that dont fit right too ive had to
fastern the engine mount braket with only one nut and bolt
and the tail pipe sticks well out and cant get spaer wheel on

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The Sip should fit, as that’s what it was designed for?
plus they seem to have listened to us about the crap third /fourth gear loss! have you cut the engine to move it across 10mm?
most of the wide tyres I’ve helped build didn’t have panels so you could space the spare out,but those with panels out at a angle with a spacer on the bottom thread.
or use what I use an up’n’over pm
I think the scootrs pipes give a lot of space for wide tyres as well

I love it!when the brackets aren’t breaking!
its an old style pm which has been on for about 8 years,crap for two, up so can only realy be used for a cutdown ;D

I posted a picture on this site.
as for the pitone, 1 man down,two to go!!
Ask here,as they might help

ere slidy how do you rate the pm up’n’over?? never tried one so a bit curious.ive got a 210 chop it would look good on,they look good with no panels and mat black!!!

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hi and thanks for all the replys
yes ive took the 10mm of as ive had the wide wheel kit for a few years now same as the pipe and disk break but i think the pipe is
and older one as it was crap went nowhere fast and just drunk petrol thats why i got the taff …