What parts to buy to take a 50 special to a 130cc or higher?

I want to take my 50 special to a 130cc. At the moment it's already got a 102 polini (for the past 10 years...), but, I want to take it to 130cc or higher.

What is a good list of components for the job?

Hi, there are lots of setups you can use to "dress" a 130 (and what 130?). Essentially you need cylinder, crankshaft, primary gearing, at least 19mm carb and exhaust.

A classic setup could be:

- 130cc polini; it's highly recomended to enlarge the crankcases ports to fit those of the cylinder.

- crankshaft 51mm stroke (you need it for any 125cc or more) eg. mazzucchelli or meceur or pinasco (I'd avoid the former).

- carb you can keep yours if it is at least 19mm, 24mm (phbl + manifold and filter) would be better.

- exhaust (you cannot keep yours for the 50-102cc cylinders) depends on your "taste" and needs... eg. polini lefthand or sip road banana.

- 27/69 primary.