What parts for PX with auto-oiler and electric starter?

Could somebody kindly list all the parts needed for this operation?  I know it’s a quite long list, but at least you get some cash points as a reward! [B]

And I’m gonna buy PX200E Lusso engine which has the carburator with oil and the start engine ready installed. Please, help me SIP-crew. I’m gonna buy the parts from you. [:O]

what is the big thing about you wanting elec start and auto lube

1 auto  lube waste of money just premix it far safer...

2 elec start just something else that can go wrong most poeple take the elec start off there scoots and just use the kickstart

put the money to better use and buy a good exhaust or carb...something thatis going to make it go better...




Here’s the parts that I’ve already bought:
Tank PIAGGIO PX with oil ,

Oil tank cap PX,

Tank cap PX,

Packing tank PX,

Fitting oil tank PX,

Packing fitting oil tank PX upper side,
Oil tank PX,
Washer oil tank PX,
Oil tank connecting piece
Vespa PX,

Clamp oil hose PX,
Oil tube PX
l=45cm, d=3,5mm,

Chassis rubber oil hose PX,

Chassis rubber fuel hose,
Fuel hose PIAGGIO, length=60cm