What longstroke do i get?


i'm in need of a crank for a rebuild.

considering a long stroke crank.

marzuchelli's are less strong then original cranks, or so i've read...

what other crank can be advised? i'm staying with circular, not reeds.

does the type of ignition make a difference witch crank to choose?

do i really need the 1.5mm base gasket,because i see there's room enough (under and above the piston) to use a long stroke without the 1.5mm base plate?

my engine number is 0339948, anyone can decifer this? :-)


is it better to have the big end of the crank welded,is this the weak point in the marzuchelli's then?

i'll try to true the cranck too if i don't get a factory welded crank.


many questions but hope to find as many answers too :-) 


thanks in advance,


Hi dude


Just to avoid confusion ....

What enigne do you have ?

Rally / PX / PX Lusso ????






not much going on on the entire board... alot of reading but no replies...[^o)]

hope te find an answer though...

thanks in advance for the input...

ok, so i'll get the mazzuchelli longstroke crank.

do i have to check wich ignition i have?

my engine is a VSE1M (-0338948) engine, the correct part number for this crank is the 450 20000,right?

crank bearings + seals will be needed to... 90015000?

gasket set 92010000?

cruciform 87010000?

piston will be measured to determine what oversize i need.


can other part numbers be confirmed or corrected please?

will order asap,


 thanks, hannes.


Hi dude


I´ve builded both of the cranks and i´m satisfied of both.

Shure - the Mec crank is slightly better bot if you dont build a over 20 HP engine you can use also the mazzu.


If you use a longstroke , believe me if you not using the 1.5 in the head or the base or 0.8 in the head and 0.8 in the base you´ll destroy everything.