What jet size??

I recently upgraded my aerox to a 70cc with sports exhaust. The 0-50kmh speed is quick however from there it is very slow to accelerate. I know i have to upjet the carb by about 10%. my only problem is i dont know whether the thred size is 5 or 6mm? I have a 2003 aerox any advice would be much appreciated! :)

i have a 2003 neos with a delorto carb , i have just ordered some parts off here, basicly you need to take your jet out and mesure it ,and check the jet number and work out approx wic jet you need and buy a couple around what tyou worked out then try it and see wich runs best,

then plug chop(take the plug out and check the colour of the spark plug after a run)

brown is the magic color and black is rich , its better to have to much feul(rich) than not enough (lean).


my neos has a 78 jet in it standard , i have a leovince tt exhaust wich i need to upjet by around 5% wich is approx 81 , then they recoment 10-15 sizes for a air filter. so i oredered a 92 jet hopefuly it will be ok :) ,

, also if its not pulling away fast make sure u have deristricted the exhaust, deristricted the variator and changed the rolers and clutch springs :),


reply if you need anything elce :)