What jet size do i need?

Hey guys was wondering if i was to add the following to my Yamaha jog r air-cooled scooter that has a Leo Vince tt sport exhaust and 0.35 reeds added to it and de-restricted then what jet size would i need?

racing cylinder 68cc malossi

racing variator malossi

primary gearing malossi 17/40

carb kit malossi 19mm

air filter ram air =42mm

Now do any of you guys know if i were to add these parts to my Yamaha scooter then what jet size would i need to be using, been trying to find out the answers for ages really need some ones great inspiration from this great site i must say!

Thanks a lot guys, cheers josh

www.sk-scooterparts.de   sorry

well best advice is to go on this site ( sorry sip u do not have the parts. #)  go on  www.sk-scooter-parts.de  they have a stage6 jet set pack that goes up in increments of 8  .. find out the model of you're carb  and choose hte range of jets u want  .. i'd say go for the 90-110   or buy a few sets ..


good luck

S c o t t y

There is really no way of exactly determining the correct Jet Size. It will depend on what has been done or added to your motor. The basic way is to check your sparkplugs condition. It would be either RICH or in a LEAN condition. There is a chart where you can compare different conditions of the plugs, this way, you can adjust your carburetion to just the right amount, usually 5-6 points up from the original size Jet. Remember, bigger isn't always better. I suggest you install a new sparkplug when doing this tip, then adjust from there. Hope this helps.