What jet set-up 4 Malossi 210

Ive just had a Malossi 210 kitted PX motor put in my Scoot and have just about run the baby in (400k/ms or so) - Q. Set up at present is really rich (so as not to seize it) - leading to loss of high end grunt - what`s a good carby set up for this motor? (pipe is a Sito plus - until I get some more dosh)

[:D] I put a jet setup into my mates 210 that was a 155 air jet, a BE5 mixer and a 125 main push jet and that gave it a good bit more grunt but you need a better exhaust. If you are from UK then may i suggest a taffspeed goldline exhaust? They are expensive but they are the best pipe i`ve ever used.

[:smokin:] I live in the „land of the long white cloud“ (NZ) although if you followed me it might be „long blue cloud“ … hehehe … the carbie set-up you mentioned - what carb is that for? … Ive got the Malossi reed c/w PHBH30mm Dellorto ... I really need a good exhaust but living out here means the price is going to be astronomical ... Im trying to get info together on a few alternatives before I buy one - have you heard of Scorpion exhausts? … I`ve looked at Taffspeed, Beedspeed, SIP, etc on the net and they all say that theirs is best - what I really need is a good unbiased opinion including comments about such things as:
a) power range
b) ground clearance (can it be used with spare tyre, etc)
c) carb set-up changes (if required)
d) durability
e) any mods required for fittment (to stand, etc)
Any help would be most appreciated.